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Our group of like minded teachers and leaders are looking to make a positive impact in the lives of others and make a difference in this world, offering the highest value to our members.

How to become an Online Instructor

Please read below our standards and if you feel that you have the same values, please fill in the form. Thanks

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Welcome to Prokelion, a place for entrepreneurs to share their ideas with the world.

Easy steps to be part of our team:
1. Read the tabs with our Code of Honor and Fees
2. Using the form on the left, please send us a message indicating WHY you love to teach WHAT would you like to teach and HOW are you planning to teach it.

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We require that all our of instructors follow this code of honor:
1. Honor your word - your commitments
2. Be honest
3. Give more than you take
4. Client is first, do your best to provide the highest standard of customer service.
5. Tell the truth.
6. Be on time
Our program is very simple

We offer free (donation only) and paid courses.
We collect 10% from each course
On Free courses, if your course receives a donation, we charge a min fee of $5 per participant.